Furry Friends Veterinary Clinic, LLC

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Dr. Melanie Crovo
Dr. Crovo graduated from The College of William and Mary with a degree in Business Adminstration in 1989.  She graduated from Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998 (Also known as VA Tech for you non Hokies!!).  She has been practicing in the Roanoke Valley for nearly 19 years.  She established Furry Friends in 2003 with a desire to bring a new kind of veterinary hospital to the area.  She likes to spend extra time with you and your pet so that you are both comfortable with any necessary procedures, tests, or treatments.  Since many dogs are scared on the table,  she usually prefers to get down on their level (yes the floor).  This often leads to extra smooches from the pooches which are never discouraged!  Of course, kitties are usually handled on the table,  but special care and treats are given to help her feline friends feel at home.

Dr. Crovo currently has one cat "Tilt".  Tilt was a hospital kitty for nearly a year.  Due to a virus when she was young,  her head is permanently tilted to the side hence the name. She is a loving cat and gives the dogs a run for their money. Dr. Crovo was able to bring Tilt home after making the difficult decision to euthanize her first cat  Crystal.  Crystal was a gift just prior to entering veterinary school.  She was adopted from an animal shelter as an adult and lived to be  about 17-18 years old.  A few years ago, Crystal was treated for hyperthyroidism at Radiocats in Northern Virginia.  This involved using radioactive iodine to stop her thyroid gland from being overactive.  Crystal responded beautifully to this treatment and no longer needed any medication for her disease!.  Please ask Dr. Crovo about her experience if your cat is hyperthyroid. 

Dr. Crovo currently has one dog.  "Deucy".  Deucy was a stray running around at one of our client's homes and hopped right in our mobile when we came to visit her pet.  We intended to find a home for her but became too attached to let her go!
Dr. Crovo loves giant breed dogs and had a Great Dane  Astro that was the love of her life.  Because of Astro, she learned acupuncture and has been certified in this treatment for several years.  Let us know if you would like to learn more about how acupuncture can help various issues including arthritis and renal disease 

Dr. Crovo treats her pets like kids and understands what a big part of your family dogs and cats become.  She is sensitive to end of life issues and wants to help you and your family deal with these situations in a manner that is comfortable for both you and your pet.  She also wants to emphasize well pet care so that your pets may be healthy and happy for many years like hers have been.