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Posted By :    Trina Wills
Posted :    10/6/2010
Comments :    What can I say that hasn't already been said about Dr. Crovo and her staff? All of it is true. She has been caring for our "family" for the past 7 years. We had a German Shepherd that needed special attention. She was always a phone call away and made the time to see him. Unfortunately he has passed away. Currently she has to deal with our Bassett Hound who usually always seems to have an "accident" at his appointments. The accident is always cleaned up with a laugh and a smile. Her office gets a 5 star rating!!
Posted By :    Theresa Grgurich
Posted :    8/9/2010
Comments :    I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Crovo and her staff. They are wonderful and treat your pets with the greatest care. I have two cats and was able to take one out to the van. The other will not go in a crate and I explained I would have a hard time getting her to the van. Dr. Crovo offered to come into the house and check her. They go above and beyond for your pets. Thank you Dr. Crovo and to your wonderful staff. You all are the best!!
Posted By :    Beth Hally  (elizabeth.hally@gmail.com) 
Posted :    8/5/2010
Comments :    Dr. Crovo and everyone at Furry Friends are just wonderful. I have a cat who is not terribly friendly with anyone while outside the house (think hissing, fangs bared, growling...you get the idea). Dr. Crovo is so patient with her and keeps the visit as short and painless as possible. It's basically a full vet on wheels and I don't have to put my cat through the extreme stress of a car ride and waiting room full of dogs and cats. Highly recommended!
Posted By :    Lisa Dooley
Posted :    3/16/2010
Comments :    Thank you so much Furry Friends. We had to make the difficult decision to let our dog Shana go and I was so thankful for their services that made it possible for her to be in her own home. Dr. Crovo and her staff truly care about their patients and they helped make the transition very peaceful. As a pet owner, we have had to let several of our animals go over the years and Furry Friends hands down provides the most comforting service you could ever want. Thank you for your caring, compassion and the priceless service you provide!
Posted By :    Kelie Smith  (luvmorgan@msn.com) 
Posted :    3/2/2010
Comments :    I'm just so thankful for Furry Friends! The entire staff was amazing & understanding when we had to make the hard decision to put our beloved dog (Daisey) to sleep. I couldn't have made this decision without them. After many tears, we decided to get a new dog. Today was his first appointment. He is a bit nervous and leary of new people. And as expected, Furry Friends was amazing again ~ they handled him with such sweet car. It was a positive experience for him. So thank you, thank you, thank you!
Posted By :    Erica Gibson
Posted :    11/8/2009
Comments :    I could not agree more with everyone and all of these wonderful comments! I have a cat that consistently escapes outside and gets into fights, I cant tell you how many times she is at my house within the next day or two with medicine. She even came by during after hours to bring him medicine. I would not trust anyone else with my babies! My cat used to cry and seriously "scream" so bad at the other vet offices, which made me wonder what they were doing back there. I decided I should try a different vet & at home care is SO convenient and affordable. I cant say he has ever cried while with Dr. Crovo. She knows what she's doing and so does all the staff... they are amazing! Thank you Furry Friends!!
Posted By :    Jessica Coleman
Posted :    9/27/2009
Comments :    Dr. Crovo and her staff are an asset to our area. Their care and compassion for our "children" is priceless. Thank you for taking care of Grace while she was sick. The medical treatment, love and personal attention was more than we could ever ask for! Thank you seems so small compared to all that you have done for us and our family.
Posted By :    Jessica Coleman
Posted :    9/27/2009
Comments :    Dr. Crovo and her staff are an asset to our area. Their care and compassion for our "children" is priceless. Thank you for taking care of Grace while she was sick. The medical treatment, love and personal attention was more than we could ever ask for! Thank you seems so small compared to all that you have done for us and our family.
Posted By :    Jenny Green
Posted :    7/13/2009
Comments :    I wanted to thank you and your staff for helping my family and most of all Big Daddy in our time of need. It is a great thing when you can have your beloved pet spend his last few minutes at home where he loves best. We will never forget your kindness, we greatly appreciate it.
Posted By :    Samantha McCall (juliet's human)  (samantha.mccall1@wachovia.com) 
Posted :    5/14/2009
Comments :    I bought my puppy "Juliet" in NC from a breeder that I found online. After getting her home within 3 days she was about to pass away. The breeder had told me lies about Juliets age. She was not able to eat or drink on her own. Dr Crovo and staff rushed to my home and started her on fulid and meds. within about a week. She was a brand new puppy! Juliet is now 8 months old and full of life and fun! With out this wonderful staff and their BIG HEARTS full of love, I would have lost my baby! They are the greatest! Juliet loves visiting her friends and shopping for new clothes and hair accesories in the office! The staff are always friendly and willing to help! The only Vet i will ever take my animals to!! THANKS FURRY FRIENDS YOUR THE GREATEST!!!
Posted By :    Ruth Mcguire
Posted :    9/28/2008
Comments :    Furry Friends staff are the best. They helped save one of my cats life when she was critically ill. They are very caring and the customer service is excellent. I like them best of all the vets I have taken my animals to.
Posted By :    Sandy Clark  (s3furkids@aol.com) 
Posted :    3/6/2007
Comments :    Everyone at Furry Friends is so friendly, upbeat, and helpful. Whenever my pets need an appointment, we can get one very quickly. Dr. Crovo is always willing to help or has suggestions if I need advice. Also, when we were looking for a vet to take our pets to, we were impressed with how clean the Furry Friends Clinic was.
Posted By :    Sharon Wanzer  (wanzerwoman@cox.net) 
Posted :    1/6/2007
Comments :    I was so impressed by everyone at Furry Friends. It's like as soon as you interact with the staff and Dr. Crovo, you know that you're at the right place for your pet(s). I have never felt so comfortable talking to a professional caretaker until I met Dr. Crovo. There are so many words that I could use to describe how great they are: attentive, knowledgeable, caring, helpful, friendly but professional...the list could just go on and on. I can't imagine going to any other vet clinic after my experience with them. Thank you for taking such good care of Max.
Posted By :    Carrie Underwood  (cbow5@allstate.com) 
Posted :    12/1/2006
Comments :    Furry Friends is wonderful. I have never been to a vet office where I am recognized and known by name-- as is my Princess. She loves the staff as they do her. I like the fact that I can call and ask to speak directly to Dr. Crovo or leave a message for her to return my call--- most places you only get a nurse-- especially human Dr Offices. I also like that if my reason for being seen is urgent- we always get worked in. Thanks for being so dedicated to people who consider their parts just another part of their family.
Posted By :    Dea Adams  (deabran@aol.com) 
Posted :    6/7/2006
Comments :    Dr. Crovo and her staff are "priceless". My boy is given the utmost attention, love, and medical treatment I ever dreamed possible. I have been to several veterinarians,and none compare to Dr. Crovo and her staff. Wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Nothing but the best for my boy!

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